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Café Aqua


9.00$ (tax included) per lunch - All types of payments are accepted

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Orders can be placed by email, at, or call/text Marco at 514-594-7717. Orders can be made at any time during the summer. There is no deadline to order hot lunches.

Same-day orders received after 9 am will have a $10 charge compared to $9.00 Same-day orders will be limited to grilled cheese or hot dog.


All lunches include your choice of one bag of Lay’s potato chips, rice Krispie squares, or granola bar, and one Minute Maid juice box or water bottle. 

Cheese pizza

Calzone (spinach and cheese)

Tuna and swiss melt

Garden salad

Grilled cheese

(2) beef hot dogs



  • Tomato Pesto

  • Basil Pesto

  • Olive Oil, Butter, Parmesan

  • Rose

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