Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I send for lunch?

A: Please ensure your child comes to camp with

at  least  two  snacks  and  a  hearty  lunch  to ensure that they are fueled for the day! When you plan your child’s lunch, please keep in mind that there are no refrigerators or microwave ovens at camp. Ice packs are recommended. Lunches and snacks must be Peanut Free. 


Q: How do I protect my child from the sun?

A: The best way to ensure children are protected from the sun is teaching them how to apply sunscreen and to wear a hat at all times when outdoors. Make sure you apply sunscreen to your  children  each  day  before  arriving  at camp.  Please  send  sunscreen  labelled  with your child’s name to camp and the staff will remind  them  to  reapply  throughout  the  day and after water-related activities.

*Note: sunscreen cannot be shared amongst campers.

Q: Where do I drop my child off?


Sports Camp

Aquatics and Community Center Gym

5794 Parkhaven

Creative Arts Camp

Park Pierre Elliott Trudeau Chalet 1

6975 Chemin Mackle

Ultimate Leaders

Aquatics and Community Center Teen Zone

5794 Parkhaven

C.I.T. Camp

Aquatics and Community Center 

5794 Parkhaven

Q: What if my child needs to be absent from camp or is getting dropped off late?

A: For any absence or late arrival, please call 514-485-6806 ext. 2019 before camp hours and leave a message stating your child’s name, camp and the days your child will be absent.


Q: What if I need to pick my child up during the day?

A: Please call the camp office 514-485-6806 ext. 2019 to make arrangements to meet your child’s group at the designated meeting area. It is best to make arrangements ahead of time, as your child might be away from the main site participating in an activity and it can take some time for them to walk back to meet you.


Q: Can my child travel to and from camp on their own?

A: Your child's safety is very important to us.

Children who are authorized to leave camp without a parent or guardian must have a specific form filled out and/or written permission which will be given to the Park Leader.

With written permission, the CITs are allowed to sign in and out on their own. We will follow up with a phone call if an expected CIT has not arrived at camp.

Q: What does my child need to bring to camp?

A: Campers need the following items:

  • Swimsuit and towel

  • Running shoes

  • Lunch and snacks

  • Water bottle

  • Sunscreen

  • Extra set of clothes


Please label all items with your camper’s first and

last name.


Q: Can my child bring personal belongings to camp?

A: Côte Saint-Luc is not responsible for any items a child loses at camp. Please leave all valuables at home including electronic devices such as iPods, cell phones, gaming systems and digital cameras.


Q: What if my child loses something at camp?

A: Lost and founds are located at each camp in

the Park Leaders office. There is also one at the pool office  located  at  5794 Parkhaven .  If items are not claimed by the end of the summer, the items will be donated to a local charity.

Q: When do I drop my child off?

A: Camp starts at 9 am and ends at 4 pm. Please

ensure you sign your camper in and out each day with their counselor. If you wish to drop your child off prior to 9am or after 4pm, please register for an extended day option.

Early morning drop off is at 8am (for an extra fee).

Late pickup is until 5:30pm (for an extra fee).

For more information on extended day services, click here.

Q: How often does my child go swimming?

A: All campers will participate in free swim at the outdoor municipal pool each day. On the first day of each session, all campers will participate in a swim test to determine their swimming level.

All campers must take the swim test, which is 50m lap and two minutes of treading water in the deep end. If the campers pass, they will receive a green bracelet and if they do not pass they will receive a red bracelet and be limited to the wading pool or they can enter the shallow end of the pool with an adult at arm’s reach at all times.

Sports camp campers will also receive swim instruction based on the red cross. 

Q: How do I sign my camper in or out?

A: Sign in

A parent or guardian must escort his or her child to the designated camp staff and sign him or her in on a camp roster.


Sign out

Each camper will be designated a code which you will receive before camp starts. You will be receiving an email with the code the week before your camper starts. A designated pick up location will be established before camp begins and will remain the same for the summer. You must provide the pick-up code to the staff member on site. You will receive a ticket then you can hand that ticket off to your child counselors

 Parents, guardians or other authorized individuals will be asked to present photo identification if they are unfamiliar to the staff member.

Parents must confirm the pick-up alternate by email or voicemail with Sarah.

Q: When are the Pizza and TCBY Dates?

Every Friday all campers will enjoy either TCBY or Pizza (pizza supplied from Pizza Gourmetti)

Pizza lunch includes 2 pieces of Kosher pizza from Pizza Gourmetti and a cookie snack.


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