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Reimbursements for Côte Saint-Luc Day Camp


a. A Program Cancellation Request form must be received prior to the start of the camp week (Monday). Once a week has begun it is considered to have been completed and no longer eligible for reimbursement.


b. In addition to the refund administration fee of 20%, a Day Camp cancellation fee of five dollars ($5) will be charged for every week of Camp being cancelled after registration.


c. The $5 week cancellation fee applies to both reimbursements’ methods: refund and credit on file.


d. For reimbursement request due to medical reasons, a pro-rated reimbursement, (according to the days used per week) and an administration fee of ten percent (10%) will be applied to each week being cancelled. The week cancellation fee ($5) will not be applied to reimbursements due to medical reasons.

cote saint-luc day camp
cote saint-luc day camp
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