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Why Send Your Child to Camp?

The school year is quickly advancing and the beginning of summer vacation is close by! If this time of year rhymes with quality time with family and friends and outdoor activities, it also comes with a certain stress to keep children occupied for a few weeks. Why not give them the opportunity to take part in an adventure and participate in extraordinary activities by sending them to camp?


Here are four reasons why you cannot let this idea slip away!

1. To develop co-habitation and interpersonal skills

Taking part in a camp adventure also means having the opportunity to live unforgettable experiences with other children, from near and far, and to create new friendships. Sports and cultural activities as well as group games and free time will allow them to develop their skills to communicate, collaborate and manage conflicts, skills that they will need and cherish throughout their entire life! The experience of living together every day, under the same roof in the case of sleepaway camps, can only benefit children and prepare them for the adult life!

2. To develop autonomy and self-confidence

No matter what type of camp or program, children will progress and will most definitely gain confidence. Seeing as they will have to face situations that will lead them to react independently, and have them develop their capacity to quickly think and react, children will undoubtedly learn to become autonomous and will gain a certain sense of maturity. There is no doubt that they will be fascinated when they return home and that they will be proud to share with you all that they have learned and lived throughout their stay!

3. To develop an interest towards physical activity and healthy lifestyle

Far from technology – television, computers, tablets and cellphones, children resort rapidly to physical activities. A stay at camp allows children to discover a multitude of new and different activities such as tennis, circus, archery, etc. They will surely be able to discover one or more activities to suit their needs, and allow them to move around as they wish. Being active throughout the day and adopting healthy behaviors will also allow them to feel the positive effects both psychologically and physically. Let's bet they will no longer be able to stand straight upon their return home!

4. To develop environmental awareness

Spending a few days or weeks in a camp, particularly sleepaway camps, also allows children to connect or reconnect with nature. These crucial moments spent in a forest or by a lake is beneficial for a child’s development and environmental awareness seeing as it allows them to appreciate its beauty and importance. This positive change in their mentality will thus develop their desire to act and to protect the environment and will encourage them to adopt positive attitudes and behaviors towards this important concept. 

By sending your child to camp, you are giving them the opportunity to live a unique and rewarding experience that promotes their development and allows them to grow! It is also our pleasure to welcome hundreds of campers to our camps as of June 24th. Register quickly!

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